Program Phases

Small Class Size (12-13 participants)Locall Program Gives Women A Fighting Chance Against Assault

Personal Attention & Emotional Support

 All levels of Skill and Fitness

 No Experience Necessary

 Each Phase is a 1-Day, 4-Hour Class

 Private Bookings for Groups of 8-10 available

Complete each phase at your own pace, depending on your interest and desire to learn more defensive techniques. Each phase is scheduled independently and is approximately 4 hours in duration. You may purchase a Gift Certificate or register for a scheduled class date on the page with that name, or use the Contact page to request a private group session.

Phase 1 Includes self-defense techniques against the most common sexual assault scenarios, beginning with you pinned to the ground. Ways of avoiding an attack, and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to resist an attack are also presented.

Phase 2 Covers additional assault scenarios and techniques for escape, adds hammer and elbow strikes and addresses the myths and realities of “acquaintance” or “date” rape. Warning signs of abusive personality types, and information about “date rape drugs” are also presented.

Phase 3  Presents simple effective ways to defend yourself against an attacker who is armed with a cord, club, knife, or a gun. Various defensive weapons, such as pepper sprays, combat key-chains, guns, knives, etc. will be introduced and the pros and cons of their use will be discussed. (Phase 3 is currently being revised, & not offered at this time.)