This was an excellent class. I took it with my two daughters. One daughter lives on an inner city college campus. The other will be touring Europe this summer with an orchestra. I own businesses, one of which requires me to visit around 80 Indianapolis businesses per month. Many of these businesses are not in good neighborhoods and I am usually alone. I feel good about giving all three of us some information and power! Marita was an excellent teacher and always sensitive to the individual needs of each student. I appreciated the respectful attitude of our "bad guy". It is a little weird to get into a rape position but because of the instruction, we just did what we were taught and practiced how to get out. I highly recommend this class. We plan to come back for more training.
Barb, Lebanon, IN February, 2011

Your class was well worth the money and exactly what my daughter and I were looking for in a self-defense class. It more than met my expectations, it exceeded them and I'm grateful that both my daughter and I have new skills we can use if it should ever be necessary!
Amy, Indianapolis, 2014

Every female should take this class. It was an eye opening experience. You always imagine what you would do but it is different when you are put into the actual situation with an attacker coming at you. What valuable information and techniques I have in my \"tool box\" to help fight! Thanks Marita!
Julie , Greenwood, Nov. 2012

I took the class with two other girlfriends of mine. I have taken a few self defense classes in the past but never with a woman instructor. This really made a difference. It was a lot more comfortable and effective, in my opinion, listening to a woman tell her story and show us certain moves that work as women. Many self defense classes have very specific moves that I am probably not going to remember in the moment. This class seemed instinctual and easy to remember. You also get to try what you've learned in full force on a man dressed in protective gear. That was something I have never been able to do in other classes. Not only was the class great but Marita is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. We all left the class saying, "I want to be her!" We felt very empowered and confident in what we learned. I would highly recommend this class to ANYONE who wants to feel confident and aware if they were to be approached. Thank you Marita!! We are definitely interested in taking the second and third phases.
Kailly, Indianapolis, 2013

I attended the Phase 1 class last weekend and I can't give enough praise to Marita and "bad guy" Mark. Their knowledge and professionalism created a safe environment in which I felt comfortable learning how to defend myself in the most uncomfortable of situations. Marita's passion for the education and life-saving defense skills she is providing women was evident throughout the entire class. I definitely walked away feeling like I could a.) prevent an assault by simply not being afraid, being aware and setting boundaries, and b.) fight purposefully if I had to with the best weapons women have: our hips and legs. I am looking forward to taking the Phase 2 class!
Sarah, Indianapolis, 2014

Amazing class! Highly recommended for all women!
Michelle, Westfield, IN 2016

I've attended Phase 1 and it is a wonderful class! Very informative and helpful. The hands-on experience really helped me to remember what I learned. Marita and the "bad guy" were wonderful and understanding. You get a one-on-one experience as well as a group experience. Thank you!
Kelly, Fishers, IN November, 2011

The class was a friend's birthday party and I attended with my 17 year old daughter. We learned and practiced self-defense to a half dozen or so approaches to sexual assault. Marita also discussed what happens when one goes to a hospital after rape, why it is important to be seen, what the forensic process is and more. As a sexuality educator myself, I learned many new things. She also discussed the warning signs of threatening relationships and recovery from assaults and toxic relationships. I am confident that the skills and knowledge gained will kick in the instant it is needed.
Sue, Indianapolis

This is a must do class. We were able to kick and defend ourself against a real person. Watching looked simple...it wasn't until I was in the situation that I realized how difficult knowing what to do was from actually doing it.
Melissa, Crawfordsville, 2013

I've had some safety and self defense instruction in the past, but this was by far the best I've ever experienced and well worth the time and money invested. Marita presented a wealth of helpful information - much of which I'd not heard in other classes - based on her experience working with sex offenders. And being able to practice the techniques 'full force' was extremely helpful. Special thanks to Sensei Cast for allowing us that opportunity to test our skills. Can't wait for Phase 2 and 3!
Brenda, Indianapolis, September 2011

I had always wanted to take a self-defense class, and I was so pleased with the quality of my first level 1 class. Already I know how I could defend myself in a problem situation, whereas before I had no idea except scream! When I talked about my class at my office the next week, one of my co-workers told me her friend's daughter at college took the self-defense class and was attacked at night on campus! She was able to break away from the headlock and run away, thanks to the class! I am taking my daughter with me to the next class, and I plan on attending more myself. Marita's class was part information/lecture, and alot of hands-on practicum. I highly recommend it! January, 2011
R.M., Fishers

I attended phase 1 with my 14 year old daughter. I felt the class was empowering and fantastic for both me and my daughter. Marita's knowledge, background and compassion make it easier to work through your fears and build your confidence. Even the "bad guy" helped build confidence by letting you know that your kicks/hits were felt (even with padding). I learned so much and look forward to learning more in phase 2!!
Tina - April, 2013, Noblesville

I am a rape survivor. I took the Phase 1 as a way to empower myself and move on from the fear and crippling insecurities I have felt since my assault. I never realized how difficult the class would be, both mentally and physically. I thought I would be able to separate this experience from my rape, but I was unable to. I would have been unable to progress throughout the class without Marita's support. She stayed next to me and offered to have me practice the moves with her before working with the 'bad guy.' She never rushed me. I felt that she cared about me, even though she was a stranger. Although this class was emotionally exhausting, I am glad that I relived my story and learned ways to protect myself. I had a chance to confront some of my fears and take back a bit of my confidence. It felt as though I had a chance to try again at my story and win this time around. I feel that I could kick his ass, if I was ever in this situation again. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to taking more classes in the future.
E. 2015

I have attended both the level 1 and level 2 classes and can not find all the right words to describe how much I have gotten out of the course. I have not only been inspired to continue with the course, but I'd also like to contribute in any way possible so that every women I see will have taken some class like this at some point or another! I have lived a lifetime of abuse and I now have the know how and confidence to know that I can defend myself and decide how much I'm willing to deal with before enough becomes enough! So I can't thank Marita enough fir that knowledge and know how, nor can I convey enough gratitude to the friend that introduced me to the program! Thank you ladies again for a life!
Amber , Noblesville, November, 2010

I have been talking to lots of friends, both male and female, about the defense class and how incredibly informational and encouraging it was! I think that it should be a state law for everyone to have this education! We need to "be aware" and "be prepared!" I so appreciate the passion that you have, Marita, for desiring to share with us, how to be empowered and aware.
Cindy, 2013, hamilton county

I walked into this class not knowing anyting about self-protection and left really feeling like I would know what to do should the situation arise. This class is something that every woman and teen-aged girl should take. What I learned in this class will give me a fighting chance!
Mary , Carmel, IN March, 2012

I signed my teen daughters up for the two session course. They had had self-defense in high school gym and were confident they could and would take care of themselves and didn't need the course. After the first session, they were shaken. Actually defending themself from a man and a stranger was something quite different than anything they could have imagined. Within a week of the second class my younger daughter was babysitting, and a man (who was a stranger to the kids and to her) came into the yard and asked a number of questions about the family and when the parents would be home. As she related the incident to me, I could here her itemizing lessons learned from the class. She was efficient in her "soft defense" skills and had a system for defending herself and the children. My older daughter was out with friends celebrating one of the boy's birthdays. The boy came up to her and was rubbing her upper arms. She felt uncomfortable and told him to stop; he replied that it was ok and he was gay...she told him again to stop touching her...she again said she didn't want him to touch her. He turned his attentions (and hands) to one of the other girls. Prior to the class, she would not have said anything and felt uncomfortable. Both my daughters gained more than a few tricks ands moves. They learned confidence and to trust their instincts and act on their own behalf. The class gave them some concrete situational skills (they hate to admit to). I highly recommend this class for young ladies. While it may be awkward and uncomfortable, they learn skills and values that are critical for a lifetime.
Carolyn, Carmel, 2013

The class helped me so much to feel safer. Marita is a wonderful teacher and has so much experience and knowledge in preventing and surviving an attack. Her instruction is tough enough to help people push through their fears, but also compassionate enough to make you feel comfortable in for some a very uncomfortable situation. The skills I gained just from phase I were amazing and the confidence I took away from it will be a shining light in my future. Thanks so much Marita!!!!!

I Loved the class!!! The 4 hours flew away like nothing and I learned sooo much!!! I can recommend the class to everyone!!! You learn so many really easy tricks you wouldn't believe work, but after trying, you are sure they are working!! I loved trying everything on a real attacker a real man, a real human - that took my fear away to fight a real living being and made absolutely a difference. Both, the attacker and Marita were absolutely competent, helpful and patient in answering all our questions and showing in detail how to do things to achieve the maximum effect. Thanks so much to both of them to boost my confidence in protecting myself! I'm definitely planing on doing the phase II as well! Can't wait!
Anja, Noblesville, 2014

I cannot express how greatful I am to have had the experience in the class. As a survivor myself, this class gave me the confidence in my own abilities and the confidence that I can fight my way out if I need to. Although it's has been an incredibly emotional process I am so glad I did it. This is not only a great prevention class but it is a life changing process for me. Marita and the "bad guys" compassion are astounding. It has been a integral part of my healing process. I recommend Marita's class to all women. Thank you for giving me back the power!
Malea, Terre Haute, 2011

This class went over & above my expectations.  The “hands-on” experience was absolutely awesome & very effective.  The interjection of the “bad guy” was also very helpful. -GC, Greenfield, December, 2010

I have taken the level 1 and level 2 classes with Marita. I have learned numerous techniques to fight off an attacker. I was able to practice the techniques on an “attacker” and learned that I can do it. It was fun and educational. I would highly recommend the classes to any female but especially for girls in high school or college.      –Gh August 31, 2010

I would highly recommend this class to any woman! I have learned so much from Marita during those few hours I spent in the class.    You learn how to react when you are approached by a stranger in the public, how to defend yourself when you are attacked, how to be aware of your surroundings and simply be prepared.                   -Bd August 9, 2010

So much great information and we had a chance to practice these techniques over and over until each of us was comfortable enough.    I have learned a lot and would like to come back to learn even more at the Level 2. What a great class! Thank you.    -BD, August 22, 2010

Marita jumped right in to the physical aspect of self defense, though a bit awkward at first, I must say it did give you some sense of what it would feel like if you really were attacked. By the time it was over, I felt like that physical “hands on” aspect of it was the best part! Much more useful & informative than sitting and listening to talk for a couple of hours! Got a lot out of it as did my 14 year daughter and friend. Looking forward to level 2!!  Maryanne, July 5, 2010

“Great class – Exactly what a girl going to college needs.”

“I want to thank you for the wonderful class on Sunday.  I went home exhausted and feeling so much better knowing I new so much more than I had a few hours earlier.”

“I love it.  I got so much out of it.  I came here thinking avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.  I thought it was going to be how to walk, how to make eye contact, how to carry your keys, but this taught us, ‘You’re in it up to here, now what are you going to do’?”

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